Worcester: Georgina Avenue  St Johns,  Worcester,  Worcestershire  WR2 4LZ
I   started   playing   bass   at   age   11.   My   Dad   is   a   bass   player   so   it   felt like   a   natural   instrument   to   pick   up.   I'd   already   been   learning recorder,   violin,   flute   and   keyboards   whilst   at   school   and   played   in various   school   groups   and   orchestra.   I   first   started   gigging   when   I was   14   in   a   group   called   Shameless.   At   16,   I   was   in   a   band   called Tyrant,   a   metal/   hardcore   band   when   I   started   a   BTEC   in   Music Technology. In   1999,   I   opened   Muzo's   music   shop   in   Kidderminster   with   Mike Smith.   I   started   teaching   bass   in   2000   and   loved   it!   By   mid   2000's   we   closed   the   shop   and   ran Muzo's   Rock   Academy   where   I   was   the   bass   and   music   theory   tutor.   I   had   also   started   teaching at   home   in   Worcester   too.   During   this   time   I   had   a   few   more   bands   on   the   go   ranging   from Whitesnake to 80's electro pop to Robin Trower! By   2011,   Muzo's   became   Mike   Smith   Guitar   Tuition   where   I   continue   to   teach   bass   and   music tuition   as   well   as   teaching   at   home   in   Worcester   and   also   as   bass   tutor   at   Nunnery   Wood   High School in Worcester. In 2014, I also joined the tutor group at Worcester School of Rock and Performance.
Tel: 07843 434697